1. Get to the library?

The Medical Library is located at the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital on the Ground Floor in the West Wing. The room number is GW130.

From the main Hospital entrance (2nd Floor Central), take an elevator to the Ground Floor. Cross the cafeteria to the opposite side. The library is next door to Healthshare Credit Union.

2. Access the library?

Access is limited to Cone Health Affiliates (privileged physicians and providers, nurses, allied health and employed staff), patients, and visiting family members. 

The library can be accessed 24/7 with a Cone Health ID badge 24/7.  The library is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, and does not require a badge to enter during that time.

3. Request an article?

Click HERE to submit an article request.

Alternatively, you can email an article request to medical.library@conehealth.com or request an article in-person at the Library.

4. Request a literature search?

Click HERE to submit a literature search request.

Alternatively, you can email a Literature Search request to medical.library @conehealth.com or request a Literature Search in person at the Library.

5. Get an AHEC Digital Library account?

Request an AHEC Digital Library account HERE.

6. Access resources remotely?

Library resources are authenticated automatically when on campus at a Cone Health facility.

<move to RA page> To access the library online resources remotely or on a home computer, you must contact IT and request Remote Access through Citrix. From your Personal Homepage in Cone Connects, select “IT Self-Service”. From this page, select “Request Something”. Select the option for “Remote Access.” Fill out the form, and someone from IT will contact you. <https://conehealthprod.service-now.com/sp>

7. Access UpToDate remotely? 

Available for Cone Health Affiliates only.  To access UTD without using Cone Health login credentials, a personal account must first be set up while on-site at a Cone Health facility using the orange "Register" link in the upper right corner. You can then use your personal username and password to log into UTD remotely, either on a computer or through the mobile app.  Every 90 days, you will need to log in while on a Cone Health campus to confirm your affiliation with Cone Health. 

8. Get in touch with a librarian?

Click HERE to see the possible ways to contact us.