The library supports the design and creation of posters for scientific dissemination.  


Various Cone Health branded formats are available; just download the size you want and edit it to suit your content.  While these departments have templates represented, all elements are customizable for your specific needs.

  • Nursing (Research, EBP & QI)
  • Pharmacy (Research)
  • Triad Healthcare Network (Research)
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program (Case Study)

If you don't see one that works for you, contact the library to discuss your specific requirements.

Click HERE to view the collection of templates available.


Click HERE for a flyer on how to size your poster and some options for getting it printed.


  • Posters for Cone Health Nursing are required to be submitted for review.  Click HERE to learn more.

Visual Review

For a visual review of your poster, looking at consistency in formatting, alignment, and the use of graphical elements, contact Ed Donnald.


There are lots of great resources available to you.  If you want to save a few steps on a Google search, look over the links we have listed below.